Artist Wall Canvas

Starting at $300 every month for 4 months

Reminding yourselves of positive times with people we love, we can reflect on who we are and how far we’ve come and remember what we value most in life: our relationships. These show different styles for canvas grouping. Take a look through to see canvas sizing we offer and get inspiration for your home.

Collection A

One 20"x20" | Four 10"x10" | Four 10"x20"

$475 every month for 4 months

Tell your whole story with this layout. This gives you a variety of flexibility to modify how to present these around your home.

Collection B

One 10"x10" | Two 20"x20" | Three 10"x20"

$400 every month for 4 months

This is a classic favorite! It will give you the ability to have the most unique yet moderate display.

Collection C

Three 16"x24"

$300 every month for 4 months

These is a dynamic way of displaying a captivating photo as art on your wall.

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