About Luis

Hi! My name is Luis Luque. I grew up in Los Angeles and got into photography at a very young age. I recall being infatuated with my father’s camera. As far back as I can possibly remember, he would take pictures of every instance in our lives, and we have stacks of family albums that could probably fill their own room. It wasn’t until high school that I began to value the art of photography and appreciate the work of different photographers, as well as their styles.

My passion for photography began as a simple hobby. I enjoyed capturing life’s moments through my camera, being able to stop time with a click of a button. I could just go out with family or friends and enjoy capturing “in-the-moment” shots, where no one even knew the camera was pointed at them. I became fascinated with photography and realized I had a unique passion and gift for this art form. I love capturing the first moments of “I do,” along with champagne glasses celebrating triumph and cheerful smiles enjoying the festivities. I have dedicated myself to meeting the needs of my clients, and I strive to provide pictures that will surpass their expectations. Being able to preserve my clients’ special moments is very surreal, because they’re putting their trust in my work, knowing that they are getting the best quality and experience possible when it comes to hiring a photographer for special occasions. I am a simple man who enjoys capturing your life experiences. I do assume perfection is possible, and I want to wring that out in every picture I take. I cherish the moments I get to spend with my clients, sitting down with them as they explain to me their dreams and expectations.

The mission of Luque Photography is to connect with clients by providing high-quality work that will gracefully capture their special moments in life. I wish to meet your highest expectations and give you photographs that will always make you feel as you felt the day they were taken.

Client Testimonials

“What can I say? Luis is beyond amazing at his job. Everything ran smoothly & he captured the most important moments of my wedding. I can’t thank him enough for all his dedication and work.” ~ Lulu A.

“Luis managed to capture the greatest photo the family has ever seen … I can’t imagine what we would have missed out on if we had just used our friends to take pictures. Can’t wait to get through the entire catalog!” ~Xander C.

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