Love Story Engagement Album

$450 every month for 4 months

This art book sized 8x12 album features matte paper HD printing, lay-flat pages and a wrapped image cover that has a soft touch feel to it. The portrait orientation is perfect for showcasing big full bleed photos and two-up pairings.

Printed images and albums may seem like a thing of the past, but they still have a strong effect on us, even in our online world. A photo can evoke strong emotions and take us back to a specific time and place—even to people who are gone.It makes us so happy to design engagement albums for my clients so one day their future generation can flip through the pages of their story.

Our Love Story Engagement Album features:

Lay Flat Pages

Lay flat pages are exactly what they sound like: pages designed to lay flat when your album is spread open on a flat surface. The binding in these albums is designed to be looser and prevent any part of the image or text from being lost in the gutter (the middle of the album).

Matte Paper HD printing

Matte paper HD features a soft texture with beautiful matte tones. Its hefty weight and premium quality printing is perfect for every occasion.

Satin wrapped image cover

A picture is printed directly onto the cover it will wrap around the entire cover of your book. It gives the cover a soft touch feel to it

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