Intimate Backyard Wedding

Hello Friends! On July 1, 2017, under the gleaming summer sun, Niki and David happily sealed their union as husband and wife in their North Hollywood home. After having been together for ten years,
they were able to share their love with friends and family with a charming backyard wedding. They opted for an intimate, yet sincere, style with soft and inviting décor. Shades of blue and
white, along with other quaint touches, added to the character of the wedding.

Every feature of this wedding allowed the attendees to peer into the wondrous world that is Niki and David. The ceremony itself spoke volumes of their relationship when David expressed
his promises with utmost earnestness, which complimented Niki’s whimsical take as she sang her own vows. With his navy blue suit and her lovely dress (With pockets might I add. Pockets
are a big deal.), they invited their loved ones into the epitomes of their true selves. The atmosphere was filled with laughs, jokes, and overall joy. With photos shot in their modest
yard, they beautifully gazed into one another’s eyes surrounded by every aspect of their personal lives.

The reception maintaining the casual feel of a backyard wedding, they ceremoniously sliced into their beautiful white cake, topped with with flowers and other greenery. Dancing under
twinkling string lights, gliding to the melody of Harry Nillson’s “Without You,” and being lifted in chairs with utter elation. They celebrated their marriage into the night, with the phrase “I can’t
live if living is without you,” lingering in the air.

Niki and David were definitely one of my favorite couples. I am thankful that they gave me the honor of shooting their wedding. It was wonderful to be a part of their special day, and capture
timeless moments and memories that they will share for years to come. Alright here are the Images Enjoy !

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