Alissa & Vibhor

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Congratulations Alissa & Vibhor!

What a great day we had at Villa Shiraz in Malibu! Alissa & Vibhor arrived to the Villa Shiraz one week before they’re wedding to prepare for there big day !

When I first saw Alissa, she was getting her make-up done by her sisters!  Did I forget to mention her bridesmaids were her sisters that are triplets?


Shortly after taking some pictures she put on her Stunning white wedding gown on.

The wedding was flawless whit a beautiful sunset and great lighting! They saw each other before the ceremony for a first look they came out fantastic!

LUQ_6393   LUQ_6400 LUQ_6417 LUQ_6506 LUQ_6513

 The reception was beautiful out front of the Villa Shiraz around a beautiful fountain.

Alissa & Vibhor danced their first dance under the stars, which was played by DJ SYNTAX you can fined her work Click Here.

LUQ_7450 LUQ_7361

and of course everyone loved the food and snacks

LUQ_5749 LUQ_7646 LUQ_7637

The whole day was amazing. Join me in wishing Alissa & Vibhor a happily ever after !

LUQ_5906 LUQ_5908   LUQ_5939 LUQ_5921 LUQ_5942 LUQ_5966 LUQ_6323 LUQ_6262 LUQ_6288 LUQ_6217 LUQ_6211 LUQ_6356 LUQ_6337 LUQ_6185 LUQ_6167 LUQ_6284 LUQ_6141 LUQ_6551 LUQ_6573 LUQ_6571 LUQ_6567 LUQ_6630 LUQ_6718 LUQ_6758 LUQ_6823 LUQ_6747 LUQ_6827 LUQ_6859 LUQ_6861 LUQ_7007        LUQ_7106 LUQ_7282 LUQ_7267 LUQ_7251 LUQ_7213 LUQ_7203 LUQ_7128    LUQ_7394 LUQ_7412    LUQ_7644 LUQ_7641 LUQ_7679 LUQ_7782 LUQ_7849 LUQ_8044 LUQ_7881 LUQ_7832 LUQ_7825 LUQ_8159-Edit LUQ_7062-Edit

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